RegTweaker™ is a multi-awarded winning Windows Registry Cleaner.

Regtweaker will make effective scanning and eliminate common computer faults, such as system slowdown, freeze and crash,blue screen, deadlock, dll errors etc. in addition to these, it is also can safely accelerate the processing speed in effect and help a computer to achieve its best performance with saving the high cost for hardware upgrade.

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The free full scan will identify errors related to 
• Invalid ActiveX,OLE,COM • Missing Windows Fonts
• Invalid Most Recently Used Files • Invalid User Software Settings
• Invalid Shared DLL Files • Invalid File Associations
• Invalid Startup Programs • Invalid File Extensions
• Invalid Shared Folders • Invalid System Services
• Invalid System Software Settings • Invalid Sounds and Appevents
• Invalid Application Paths • And Much More...
• Invalid Uninstall Sections

RegTweaker™ Benefits and Features

 Platform Supported RegTweaker™ Other Registry Cleaner
 Support 32 bit Windows
 Support 64 bit Windows (x64) A Part of
 Support Windows 98 A Part of
 Support Windows Vista A Part of
 Support Windows 7
 Security Features RegTweaker™ Other Registry Cleaner
 1-Click repair A Part of
 Junk File Cleaner A Part of
 Evidence Cleaner
 File Shredder
 Application Optimizer
 Full Registry Backup/Restore A Part of
 Registry Utility Features RegTweaker™ Other Registry Cleaner
 Check ActiveX,OLE,COM Sections
 Check Most Recently Used Files A Part of
 Check Shared DLL' s Sections
 Check Startup Programs Entries
 Check Shared Folders
 Check System Software Settings
 Check Application Paths Sections A Part of
 Check Uninstall Sections A Part of
 Check Windows Fonts Sections
 Check Invalid File Associations
 Check User Software Settings A Part of
 Check Invalid File Extensions
 Check System Services
 Check Sounds and Appevents A Part of
 Check Help Sections A Part of
 Other Features RegTweaker™ Other Registry Cleaner
 Scan Result A Part of
 Easy to Use
 Automatic Updates A Part of
 Unlimited Free technical support Pay for support

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Features and Benefits

Best Registry Cleaner
In-Depth Scan
Registry Optimizer Automatic Scheduler
Registry Manager High-performance scan
Registry Tool 32 & 64 Bit Compatible
Registry Scheduler Registry Optimizer
64 Bit Registry Award Registry Cleaner
Computer Registry Backup / Restore Registry
System Registry Fix Invalid User Software Settings
Registry Scan Fix Invalid System Software Settings
Registry File Paths Fix Invalid Application Paths
Fix Registry Fix Recently Used Files
Registry Keys Fix Invalid Class Keys
Registry Classes Fix Invalid ActiveX, OLE, COM
Registry Files Fix Uninstall Sections
Registry Settings Fix Invalid Font
Registry Performance Fix Invalid Shared known DLL's
Computer Speed Fix Invalid Startup Programs
Disk Space Fix Invalid Shortcuts
Computer Health Fix Invalid File Associations
Shared Dll's Fix Invalid Start Menu Items
Registry Settings Fix Recently Used Files
Free Registry Scan Deletes Empty Registry Keys
Registry Updates Checks System Service
Registry Fix Automatic Updates
Visual Registry Scan Automatic or Manual Fix
Manage Startup Scan Result

Customer Testimonials

"Clean up junk files, have free disc space, make the system run more smoothly and safely. I am very happy that I have found RegTweaker. It helps me a lot."
- Daniel K. Trent  IN, United States

"Fantastic software !!! It deserves spending money!!! I have fix a scanning date for my computer every Saturday, so that I do not have to worry that my computer will have any registry problems. Now my computer is much faster than it has been before."
- Robert New York

"My old laptop was very slow, RegTweaker made a big difference in the speed. I have a new laptop now and the program keeps things clean and efficient. Love you guys."
- Gary P. Higgins PA, United States

"This is the most simple and effective optimizer I have used. It leads to great results. It is simple, fast, and safe ,my computer has never worked as well as now. Thanks to RegTweaker."
- Christian Pilpe  Australia

"As an enterprise owner, I must have PCs which can operate smoothly and efficiently. Our PCs are running well by using this product and our clients are very satisfied with it. For us, RegTweaker has served as an excellent partner."
- Nicholas UK